The ESK Koala is the latest in European Technology for High Efficiency Oil Water Separation. Through the application of coalescing media the ESK achievies removal efficiencies as low as 5 PPM (Parts Per Million) at flow rates in excess of 5000gpm, making it one of the most competitive high efficiency oil/water separators in the country. Can handle flow rates up to greater than 5000gpm. Please contact our sales office for information on handling flows in excess of 5000 gpm.

Optional accessories include catastrophic spill valves, and high level alarms. The ESK Koala is the perfect product for your industrial or commercial application.

A grit chamber is REQUIRED with every ESK – Koala installation. The grit chamber will significantly prolong the life of the media from fouling caused by sediments in effluent during treatment.

According to USEPA guidelines the release of oily water must be <15 ppm for oil droplets >20 microns.  The ESK Koala meets the USEPA guideline threefold with DIN Standard testing showing a maximum release of <5 ppm for oil droplets >20 microns.

If you are looking for a cost effective option to help meet EPA Phase 2 Stormwater requirements then contact our sales office at 1-800-809-2801.

For more product and testing information please contact environment 21.


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