The “PuriStorm” is environment 21’s unit which incorporates locally available pre-cast vaults in conjunction with cartridges made up of replaceable media pack with a proprietary sleeve.  This unit can give you the confidence that you are meeting EPA and Stormwater requirements in addition to high phosphorus removal rates. In addition when properly sized the filter replacement interval is greatly increased there by decreasing maintenance cost. The PuriStorm comes complete with a ladder at the man-way access to guarantee you the maintenance friendly accessibility which is trademark environment 21.

If you are looking for a cost effective option to help meet EPA Phase 2 Stormwater requirements then contact our sales office at 1-800-809-2801.

For more product and testing information please contact environment 21.


The NYSDOT is currently reviewing, revising, and eventually issuing the new SWTD Specification, §738-01.  The Environment 21 StormPro was reviewed by the NYSDOT and conditionally approved pending issuance of the new SWTD Specification.  In the interim, the StormPro may be used on NYSDOT projects after standard review by the NYSDOT office nearest to the proposed project.